Manufacturer Warranty

Your equipment is valuable.  We understand new equipment is an investment in your company.

With more than 100 years of service experience we know the industry, we know the manufacturers and we know warranty coverage.  Take advantage of our knowledge.

Let us help you make the most of Warranty Coverage.

  • Factory Training
  • Authorized Service Agent Privileges
  • Direct Support of Manufacturers
  • Fully Stocked Inventory of OEM Parts 
  • Knowledge of Limitations and Restrictions
  • Extended Warranty Programs
  • 90 days warranty (parts and labor) on our repairs
  • Re-call

The Evolution of Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Technology

Think it’s only computers and cell phones that are technologically evolving at astounding rates?  Think again.  The commercial kitchen is an ever changing environment.  Constantly pushing to be more efficient, more productive, produce higher quality products with less food waste at a faster rate.

We love our old gas ranges and fryers that never quit but when you are in the market for a new piece of equipment; odds are you are looking at something driven by software.  Customized menus and cook times are becoming the norm.  Digital displays, computer boards, uploads and transfers are the new reality. 

Gone are the days of a technician walking into your location with a multi tool and being able to fix anything in a commercial kitchen.

Today’s equipment requires elite and specialized ongoing training.  As Authorized Service Agents it is part of our agreement with the manufacturer and a company mandate that our technicians be leaders in the service industry.  All of our technicians are factory trained and certified.  Training is renewed in compliance with manufacturer standards.  The technician who is dispatched to your location will be knowledgeable, competent and capable.   

You want only the best, fastest and most reliable service for your equipment? 

We are the proud Authorized Service Agents of almost all Commercial Kitchen Equipment lines.  Need support?  If it’s in your kitchen, we can help!