About Choquette CKS, 100 Years of Service !

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The history of the company Choquette began in 1913 when it was originally founded by J. Eugene Choquette as a small electrical company.  By 1944 the company had expanded to include the sale and repair of small electrical appliances. 


In 1957 fire destroyed the building where Choquette & Company was located.  While rebuilding, the focus was mainly on the sale of small appliances and more specifically in the area of repairs of small appliances.  It is during this time that Choquette & Company became the Authorized Service Agent for various major manufacturers providing on road and in-shop services.  Choquette & Company became a well-respected company and found itself gradually heading towards commercial kitchen repairsin restaurants and institutions.


In the 1980's Choquette & Company Ltd. made two major acquisitions: “JCW Food Equipment Services” in 1982, and more importantly “Commercial Kitchen Services” (CKS) in 1984.  The purchase of the company Commercial Kitchen Services (C.K.S.) in 1984 brought the connection to major manufactures of commercial cooking equipment and vast technical knowledge. Commercial Kitchen Services was the largest commercial kitchen equipment repair agency in the Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa area.

With this acquisition; Choquette-CKS Inc. became well connected to major manufacturers of commercial cooking equipment and with experienced technical knowledge, was able to broaden its services to a vast variety of customers, ranging from snack-bars to the largest industrial and commercial institutions.


In the early 1990's, a decision was made to sell the Quebec City and Ottawa branches.  Choquette-CKS Inc. in Quebec City became owned and operated by Gestion PSL Inc.


In 1992, Linton Services purchased the Ottawa branch of Choquette-CKS Inc.  Continuing to use the name Choquette CKS, both Ottawa (and Kingston) are owned and operated by Linton Services (1992) Inc.


After servicing and remotely developing Kingston and area since 1997; Choquette-CKS officially expanded its territory to include the city of Kingston and surrounding areas with the opening of itsKingston office June 16, 2004.


On December 15, 2007, the Ottawa office was completely destroyed by a major fire.  With the effort of employees and the owner, the grand reopening of the restored office was celebrated June of the same year. 


In 2011, after acknowledging that they had no succession to their business, Gestion PSL offered its shares to Choquette-CKS Montreal.


2013 was a major land mark for Choquette CKS Inc. as it celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Choquette-CKS has concentrated its efforts on preserving and expanding manufacturer relationships.  During these years of growth, the company focused on maintaining and gaining the trust of major manufacturers while winning authorization for service contracts. 

Rigorous factory and in-house training has enabled Choquette-CKS to be a leader in the technological evolution of the Commercial Kitchen Service industry.

Choquette-CKS Inc. is proud to be a fine tuned team of highly trained individuals with all the state of the art technologies, enabling us to offer a superb quality of diverse services Collectively; Choquette CKS Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston and Quebec City form the largest service agency in Eastern Canada. The four locations support each other in terms of inventory, technicians, training and expertise. With all this technical experience and our dedicated administrative personnel, we are able to meet or exceed the needs of our vast clientele.