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Use real Original Equipment Manufacturers parts to make your foodservice equipment even better than before.
When you keep it genuine OEM, you are saying yes to safety, reliability, efficiency and warranty protection.

We offer on-site parts sales at all of our locations - find the branch nearest you!



Have you ever heard anyone say, “Yeah, I don’t care about safety”? We hope not. Here at Choquette CKS, safety is our top priority. That includes our team, our customers and the products we sell. Real OEM parts have been tested by the manufacturer with your specific piece of equipment to ensure you can feel confident allowing your staff, your guests, and even yourself to use equipment powered by the exact parts required.



Without genuine parts, your equipment may overuse energy supplies, costing more money and draining your resources. Fitting your equipment with real OEM parts ensures your equipment runs exactly as it should for longer.



Your foodservice equipment is meant to last for years with ultra-heavy use. That reliability comes from the best parts that make equipment run like clockwork, keeping your business — large or small — booming.


Warranty Protection

Our parts and labor are backed by our 90 Day Warranty Program. Confidence in our service is evident when reviewing our 90 day warranty program (on installed parts). Getting the service request right, knowing the parts to dispatch with the preferred technician, responding to customer needs and using only the highest quality OEM parts plays an integral part in eliminating your down time so that you can make money. 


Our Manufacturers

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